ICON home energy hub

Project details

Energy Partners, a leading energy solutions provider in the country, launched its battery and inverter product in April 2016 – the first such product aimed specifically at South African Homeowners. Maker+ was tasked with the innovation of this designed product – from concept to development and final production.

The ‘ICON home energy hub’ forms part of a full home energy solution, including Solar PV, Batteries, Heat Pumps and LED lights and embodies a sophisticated energy solution built with homeowners in mind, combining energy efficiency with beauty to offer customers a remarkably better user experience than ever before.

Instead of a complicated screen with buttons and confusing data, the system communicates simply through two LED displays on the front of the enclosure that intuitively interacts with the user. Our research showed that consumers really only want to know two things: is my system working? And are my batteries full? Everything else is unnecessary detail. So we dramatically simplified our interface to two elegant LED strips.

The display on the left shows if the solar panels are supplying power or if the homeowner is using the grid. The display on the battery on the right shows the level of power in the battery and whether it is charging or not. Now a homeowner can get all the basic information they need at a glance. The entire system can also be monitored in more detail through the proprietary ICON app, which features usage, trends and savings over time.

For information about Energy Partners and ICON sales enquiries, visit www.energypartners.co.za or www.energypartners.co.za/homesolutions