Project details

With Hive for Ergoform, maker+ ds has developed a micro-architectural system that redefines the working environment and breaks with the typical rigid planning structures of offices. Hive not only provides office planners with a simple, multifunctional furniture system but also offers employees an optimal environment for the task at hand.

Hive configurations fall into three main categories: Hive Focus provides places to withdraw for concentrated work, Hive creates areas for communication and Hive Space forms a room within a room for functional zones such as wardrobes, printer islands and kitchens. In this way, it creates distinct areas where individuals or groups can retreat from the general office environment to carry out specific tasks. The units come equipped with everything needed, including work surfaces, seating, optional storage and power connections.

Hive responds to the need for noise reduction and helps to absorb disruptive sounds in the surrounding environment. They can spontaneously serve as telephone booths, video conference ‘rooms’, reading corners, quiet spots for a coffee break or meeting rooms. Furthermore, they add definition and structure to a room.

Hive installations are easy to plan and can be integrated into virtually any space. They can be combined, expanded or adjusted as needed to meet changing conditions. Versatile and lightweight, the units are simple to install anywhere in the room – with no noise, no mess and no damage to the building. The structure of Hive consists of slim profiles and organically shaped wall elements made of pressed board and quilted felt panels. This helps to reduce noise and gives the office furniture system an inviting visual look and appealing textile feel. Slender in appearance yet remarkably sturdy and stable, it is available in a range of colours.