eLearning Pod

Project details

Partnering with FUEL Online, developers of the cloud based educational software, we created a self-contained, completely functional eLearning kiosk for to Africa’s largest retail chain to train over 140 000 of their employees, in 1 234 sites throughout 15 countries. The idea was to create training hubs in retail and supply chain environments in order to minimize the downtime which traditional classroom based or facilitated training would result in.

Our objective was to design a hardware solution to integrate FUEL’s software and eLearning Device. Which would not only be durable, robust and theft proof but most importantly to create a space conducive to learning in even the busiest surroundings.

Audibility was a key element in the design. The pod needed to deliver amplified sound within and still cancel the external noise often experienced in a bustling retail space. The solution was designing and integrating multi-layered acoustic panels.