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We envision the growth of companies and brands through designing the products, services, spaces and interactive experiences that sustain change.


Our approach to design thinking

The eLearning pod is a self-contained unit which facilitates an e-learning program that supports individuals to upskill themselves within a busy and noisy environment.

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Fritz Rauch

As a designer and innovator, Fritz Rauch is able to combine traditional values and progressive creativity. He is both excessively organised and imaginatively unpredictable. He describes his aesthetic as formal with humour; first and foremost committed to raising the bar of local design. Basing his work ethic on simplicity (so as to best preserve energy), his most important design principle is efficiency. Allergic to the word trend, his aim is not to be part of a throwaway, disposable culture. Fritz instead creates products that are made to last, all the while being considerate and environmentally aware.

Since founding maker+, he has gained an impressive list of clients and products. Raised to be curious and to question the nature of things, the scope of his designs are inspired by technological innovation. He works hard and methodically, and as a result he and his team are able to proudly display a list of products that range in style, function and ideal.

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SteHan Botha

After a decade in the branding and advertising world, SteHan decided to make the transition from two-dimensional to three-dimensional design. He joined maker+ straight after obtaining his BTech Industrial Design degree from Cape Peninsula University of Technology. SteHan has always had a keen eye for detail, while not losing sight of the bigger picture. He has an enduring passion for creating clarity through well-crafted communication, whether through the creation of striking product visuals, compelling presentations, or project proposals. For him it's all about making products and experiences more human and more enjoyable for all.

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Jesse Ede

Jesse Ede is a self-taught designer, maker, crafter and artist, and has been surrounded by creativity for as long as he can remember. Much of his life has been spent in workshops and studios, allowing him to naturally acquire a vast range of skills. From designing interiors, making custom furniture and products, building classic sail boats, to selling sculpture pieces at Christies, London. His versatile style and hands-on experience make him an asset to maker+ team.

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Idette joined maker+ in 2016 and is responsible for co-ordinating a happy office environment and the team within. Her experience includes working for Kate Bowe PR in Dublin and assisting at the Dublin Dance Festival in a PR and Marketing capacity. She spent some time in Dublin, Ireland, Canada and Seoul, South Korea. She has lectured in singing and body voice-integration for Music and Drama students. She is a professionally trained vocal coach and body-voice-integration specialist. Her experience as music director and director provides her with a rich background in creative coordination and short-term project management.

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We are intrigued by the world around us and find inspiration in the everyday.

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18 Buiten Street, CBD, Cape Town, 8001, South Africa
P.O. Box 51205, Waterfront, 8002, South Africa

Phone: +27(0)21 424 2082

If you would like to submit a speculative application, please send your CV and portfolio (4MB max) to You are sternly encouraged to tailor your application to both the role and our studio. No agency, in-person, or phone inquiries, please.

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